Ductless Heating

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Ductless heating services

The ductless heating system is becoming more frequently used in New York and New Jersey for a number of reasons. For one thing, a ductless system was once more traditionally used for cooling a home but now is also commonly used for both.

Homeowners are quickly discovering the perks of having heat in your home, without the need for ducts. When it comes to getting service like this, however, the only HVAC company name to trust is Quick Cooling & Heating.

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Tips for going ductless

Ductless heating is a unique system and comes with its own tips for success.

The first tip, which seems obvious, is to make sure that you work with a true industry expert as your heating contractor. This will ensure that the initial installation and following service work will be done in a professional manner.

Just like with a standard HVAC heating system, make it a point to keep your filters clean. A dirty filter can restrict proper airflow causing your system to run poorly, or hinder it altogether.
Get regular maintenance for your ductless heating system the same way that you would for a traditional one. This type of tune-up service will help keep your system up and running, instead of leaving you dealing with repair needs.

While you do not need as much space for a ductless system when compared to a traditional one, you still should plan to allow for some clearance in order to prevent enough space to work correctly.

The bottom line is that no one around will give you the quality of ductless heating service we do, so call us now.